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In July 2003 we took Diz to the vet as she was having trouble jumping, we were referred to a specialist and it was found she has degenerative disc disease.  She had an operation at the end of july to remove the swollen disc which was at the base of her spine.  She came home 1st August 2003 and was on 6 weeks cage rest.  She will never be able to do a lot of the things she used to do again.  So she will just be my obedience dog, I have always said we should do more.  She has gone back to the specialist and he is sooo pleased with her progress, so she's gradually getting more and more exercise.  I can't believe the difference in her.

Dizzy is my first dog, she is a PAT dog, we had her as a rescue when she was 6 months old at the end of November 1999.  We think she is a german shepherd cross rough collie.  She is a very clever dog and learns things very quickly.  She used to do agility and flyball, now only does heelwork to music and obedience.  She is probably best at obedience as she is too slow for the others really. 
**Update - On 13th April, she won both Beginners & Pre-Beginners at Walsall BAGSD obedience show, so winning me out of Pre-Beginners and halfway out of Beginners!  I couldn't believe it, we only do a couple of obedience shows a year!

She is very laid back and is a bit of a tom boy, she likes to play with the boys and is very boistorous.  She is 100% with everyone and anyone, in the horsey world, they'd call her 'bombproof.' 
'Clever Dogs' category winner 2002 for Dogs Today calendar
Runner Up RSPCA Crossbreed Dog Of The Year 2002
The Companion Dog Idol Of The Year 2002
Runner-Up Pup Idol (on "Today With Des & Mel") 2003.

Aren't I gorgeous!

Dizzy looking gorgeous
Wales 2002

Dizzy with Obedience Wins
Winning Pre-Beginners & Beginners April 2003

Dizzy At The Photo Shoot
When she won the Clever Dogs section with the Dogs Today calendar 2002

Results For 2003

Wilmslow Agility Show :-
15th Novice Agility

Caerphilly Agility Show :- 20th Novice Agility

Shrewsbury Agility Show :- 10th Junior agility with handler Holly Davies

Lichfield Obedience Show :- 1st YKC Advanced Obedience, 2nd Beginners

Walsall BAGSD Obedience Show :- *****1st Pre-Beginners, 1st Beginners!!*****  Out of Pre-Beg & halfway out of Beginners

Gloucester Exemption Show :- 1st Basic Obedience, 1st Advanced Obedience, 2nd Intermediate Obedience, 3rd Companion Dog, 3rd Prettiest Bitch, 4th Adult Handling, 2nd Junior Handling with Rachel

Crufts :- 6th Advanced Obedience (Best Other Breed), 6th Biathlon, 6th ABC 17-25yrs, 6th Rebecca Pointer presentations

Today With Des & Mel :-
On the TV!!  She came 2nd in the "Pup Idol" final.

Stone Exemption Show :- 1st Best Trick, 1st Fancy Dress, 2nd Best Crossbreed, 2nd Advanced Obedience, 4th Intermediate Obedience

Results For 2002
Discover Dogs :- Won Companion Dog Of The Year!!

Whitchurch Exemption Show :-
1st Adult Handler, 2nd Best Non-Pedigree Bitch, 3rd Advanced Obedience, 6th Intermediate Obedience

RSPCA Crossbreed Dog Of The Year Final :-
Runner up!!

YKC agility show :-
3rd Place

Welsh Kennel Club :-
1st YKC Biahtlon

Lampeter Fun Show :-
2nd Junior Handler, 3rd Best Crossbreed, 3rd Best Long/Rough Coat

Pembrokeshire Agility Show :-
8th Junior Jumping

YKC Camp :-
5th Open Agility, 2nd Biathlon Obedience

Fun Show at Kenilworth :-
Won Scruffts Prettiest Bitch

Royal International Dog Show :-
2nd Best Crossbreeed, 3rd Best Fancy Dress, 7th Advanced obedience & 10th intermediate obedience

Packington Agility Show :-
7th Junior Agility, 12th Elementary Agility

Lichfield Obedience Show :
- 2nd YKC Advanced Obedience, 3rd YKC Intermediate Obedience & 3rd Pre-Beginners.

Easter Eggstravaganza :-
1st RSPCA Dog Of The Year heat, 14th Elementary Agility.

Crufts :-
3rd YKC Agility Display, 6th Rebecca Pointer Yearly Obedience Award

Tuffley Limited Agility Show :-
4th Elementary Agility.