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We got Cassie when she was 6 months old from a rescue centre Spetember 2000.  She is a blue merle working sheepdog (border collie without papers).  She came to us in a very bad way and it has taken a long time to get her right.  She is a totally crazed dog, has a very strong eye and watches everything that moves.  She never sleeps, she is always alert and active.

Her main discipline she works is agility, she has won me out of starters in 2002 in her first year of competing, only ever having done one show in 2001.  She won me out at her 6th show.  Winning me out of elementary at her 4th show and she has won me out of elementary about 5 times over.  She qualified for Novice Grand National and Adams Derby finals in 2003, picking up 5 faults in both.  She also won starters canine freestyle at her first show.  Having also done displays at Crufts, Discover Dogs and Pets N People,

She also does flyball and competed in the YKC ring at Crufts in 2002 & 2003, also will be in 2004.  She also did YKC Biathlon (obedience and agility) at Crufts 2002 and has qualified along with triathlon Crufts 2004.  I retired her from obedience after Crufts as she hated it 2002, but I started it up again with her.  I now use the clicker and she works well for it., enjoying it much more.
2nd National Rescue Awards 2003 - 'Improver Of The Year'

cascade - Flibberty Gibbet
Thanks to Fiona Davies who took this at a show July 2003


Results From 2003
Chippenham Agility Show:- 5th YKC Agility (5 faults) 
Won 18-25 years standard group at Birminingham so have qualified for YKC Agility DOY Crufts 2004!

YKC Town N Country:- 1st YKC Intermediate Jumping

Dordale Agility Show:-
11th Novice Jumping

Wag & Bone Show: 3rd Pup Idol Final (amazed, very shocked!  She was only taking the place of Dizzy)  She also won the first horseshoe race as well and won me a picnic bag full of goodies.

Walsall Arboretum Companion Show:- 1st Pastoral, 1st Most Gorgeous Eyes, 2nd RSPCA Dog Of The Year Heat

Walsall Companion show: 1st Gymkhana, 2nd Non-Pedigree, 3rd Adult Handler

Derby Agility Show:- 10th Intermediate Jumping

Rugby Agility Show:-  3rd YKC Agility, 10th Novice Agility, 1st Junior Jumping (with Rachel)

Wellingborough Agility Show:-
 7th Novice Jumping, 11th Open Helter Skelter

Empingham Agility Show:- 12th Intermediate Jumping, 12th Open Stop & Go

North Derbyshire Agility Show:- 3rd Adams Novice Derby - Qualified for the final that's two finals now!

Newton Heath Agility Show:-
14th Grand National Novice Jumping

Packington Agility Show:
-  4th Grand National Novice Jumping (qualified for final :-), 8th Novice Agility, qualified for Crufts with YKC flyball team Fyzzin' Whizzbits

Nottingham Agility Show:
- 4th Novice Jumping

Cassie has been picked to be featured on Christmas cards for the Border Collie Trust GB

Wilmslow Agility Show:
- 3rd Junior Jumping, 10th Junior Agility both with Rachel

Worcester Agility Show:
- 9th Novice Derby, 2nd Junior Jumping with Rachel

Nottingham HTM Show:
- 3rd Starters Freestyle

Caerphilly Agility Show:
- 2nd Novice Agility, 4th Open Jumping, 10th Open Agility

Vyne Agility Show:-
  8th Intermediate Jumping

Easter Celebration Agility Show :- 3rd Novice Agility, 14th Intermediate Jumping

Gloucester Exemption Show :- 2nd Basic Obedience, 3rd Not Won A First Today

Crufts :- 3rd National Agility

Stone Exemption Show :- 2nd Basic Obedience, 2nd Prettiest Bitch, 3rd Best Rescue

Results From 2002
PNM HTM Show :- ****1st Starters Freestyle****

Agilty Club Awards :-
2nd Junior Of The Year Over 12

Newton Heath Agility Show :
- 9th Novice Jumping

Whitchurch Exemption Show :
- 2nd Beginners Heelwork To Music, 3rd Best Rescue

Wigan Agility Show :-
3rd Junior Jumping, 8th Adams Novice Agility

YKC Agility Show :
- 5th

The Agility Club Show :-
2nd Starters Final

YKC Camp :-
1st Junior Novice Agility, 1st Junior Open Agility, qualified for YKC Crufts flyball 2003.

Pets N People :
- Did 4 heelwork to music displays.

Rugby Agility Show :
- 5th Junior Agility & 14th Novice Jumping

Tuffley Agility Show :
- 23rd Intermediate Agility

Bromsgrove Fun Show :-
1st fun agility

Packington Agility Show :- ***
*1st Elementary Agility****, 1st Junior Agility, ****2nd Starters Agility****

Golden Valley Agility Show :- ***
*1st Elementary Jumping****, 2nd Junior Agility

Wilmslow Agilty Show :- ***
*1st Elementary Jumping****

Worcester Agility Show :
- ****1st Starters Agility**** Out of Starters

Beacon Agility Show :
- 2nd Junior Agility

Dordale Agility Show :
- ****3rd Starters Jumping**** Out of Elementary

Easter Eggstravaganza :
- 1st Junior Agility, 3rd Junior Gamblers

Tuffley Limited Agility Show :
- 2nd Elementary Jumping